I love the winter months, but there’s one thing I hate about the cold weather; everyone seems to catch a cold! Luckily, there are several things we can do to boost our immune system, including eating foods high in antioxidants. Along with other foods, these antioxidants are particularly prevalent in fruits! So why, during this time of sickness, do we tend to eat less fruit?!

People tend to think that the summer months are the peak of fruit season, and hey, I get it. Everyone loves strawberries, melons, and peaches, but summer’s not the only time to find great sources of antioxidants packed fruit selections! Check out some of these winter fruit choices that are sure to both tickle your taste buds and protect your body from harmful free radicals.

Clementine Oranges:
Better known as cuties, these tangy treats are loaded with vitamin C! Along with its role in growth and maintenance/repair of bodily tissue, this nutrient can also help to boost our immune system!

For far too long, pears have been seen as apple’s ugly step-sister, but not anymore! Seriously, these delicious capsules contain copious amounts of vitamin C, vitamin K, and copper, all of which are potent antioxidants to bind free radicals and prevent oxidation to our cells! Plus, they’re full of fiber, which can help promote satiety, cholesterol control, and regularity with your bowel movements.

These juicy fruits are great sources vitamin C, along with several polyphenols that act as potent antioxidants. In fact, in addition to boosting your immune response to impede short-term illness, these nutrients have also been associated with reduced risk of several cancers, heart disease, and high blood pressure. While supremely nutritious, these seeds can be tricky to eat. If you want to learn a quick and efficient way to deseed your next pomegranate, check out the website below!

I know what you’re thinking; what the heck is that? Well this auburn fruit also goes by the name Sharon fruit and is jam-packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, and several flavonoids that can act as antioxidants! While these fruits look like a roma tomato, they’re actually really sweet! You can find this hidden treasure at most farmer’s markets, Sprouts, and Whole Foods!