Intuitive Eating

In this fast-paced world it’s easy to get caught up worrying about how to eat “perfectly” that we forget about the importance of a healthy relationship with food.

When intuitive eating strategies are used, you can develop a healthy diet and relationship with food. But how can we just trust ourselves to eat what we want when we want? How and where do you start? It’s important to understand the principles behind intuitive eating and the steps you can take to implement them into your everyday life.

Together at DietitiansABQ we can work on:

  • How to break-free from the diet mentality
  • What steps to take to have a more positive relationship with food and your body
  • How to honor your body’s hunger and fullness cues
  • Steps to alleviate binge and emotional eating

Establishing a Body Positive Image

You cannot hate your body into being healthy.

At DietitiansABQ we want to help you on your path towards making peace with your body and enjoy your life in the now! We will explore concepts from the body positive movement and health at every size to develop skills of self-compassion and intuition. We want you to see your body as an instrument, not an ornament, and live a life of self-compassion, healthy eating and exercise and emotional wellbeing.

Check out our director’s 10-Step Workbook: Beat Body Bullying.